The current owners of Château Laroze in Saint Emilion, the Meslin family, are direct descendants of the founders, Mr. and Mrs. Georges Gurchy.
The Gurchy name can be traced back to 1610 in Saint-Emilion, when ancestors of the family are already recorded as producing wine in SAINT-EMILION at the place of « Mazerat » (one kilomètre from Laroze).
In 1882 M et Mme Georges GURCHY bought three little vineyards, put them together and founded the family estate of Laroze; at this time, it was 15 hectares wide (37 acres).



Two years later, in 1885, they built the chateau with its cellars and vat house. They were succeeded by their son Maurice, then their granddaughter Andrée, who later married a doctor Meslin.
Their son Georges took charge of the running of the estate for 40 years, reorganised it under his own name and ensured its development.


His efforts and those of earlier generations were rewarded in the 1955 Saint-Emilion classification.
The location of the vineyard and the quality of its wines earned Château Laroze Grand Cru Classé status.
On the retirement of his father, Guy Meslin has been in charge of the family estate since 1990.



In his forty years at the helm of Laroze, my father Georges Meslin brought the estate together under a common name, increased its size, and built its sales network and the quality of a Grand Cru Classé.
In the fantastic 1990’s, we modernised the estate and all its facilities. The result today is a resounding success with an exceptional winegrowing unit.