The sky, The Earth

Every year the story that Heaven tells the Earth at Château Laroze is new. The fruit of our vines remember it all, carrying deep inside them all the challenges of the year’s weather. Every vintage has its own special story and identity, and they are all different!

Laroze often makes me think of Jules Vernes and his extraordinary journeys: every bottle is like a new trip. I open it with a desire to discover the world, because beyond the taste of the wine it is a way to meet new people and share the experience of tasting it.
Wine should be gentle and enter the mouth with a feeling of velvet. It should be welcomed as soon as the tongue senses it and every moment should stimulate the desire to keep it longer for a moment more. Wine’s different facets unfold one after the other, but since perfection is extremely rare in this world and always short-lived, you need to be able to forgive the flaws and concentrate on being delighted with the qualities. It’s all part of the charm and attraction.

The wines of Laroze have a taste, a style and a class like no other.